Impact of the Corona Epidemic on the Elderly
Materials, information, and activities for professionals serving the elderly 
Due to the spread of the corona virus and the fact that most of its casualties are 60+, there is a wealth of knowledge and material that can help you in this new reality.
These materials include information about the illness, information for caregivers and assisting bodies, information about volunteer organizations, tips for caring for people with dementia, activities to do with the elderly who are confined to their homes during the crisis or because of situations that require physical and cognitive conservation.
Some of these materials are accessible in Russian, Arabic and English.
We are currently working on producing additional materials, and we will update them here in the database in the coming days. 
The Joint-Eshel
Everything you wanted to know about the Coronavirus
but haven't dared to ask 
Photo by: Daria Lapin
 doctor's guidelines for the elderly population
Language: English
Produced by: The Division of Population Health, National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion
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Illustrated general guidelines for protecting against the corona virus
Language: English |  Produced by: World Health Organization
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Guidelines for civilians to prevent the spread of the corona virus
Language: English | Produced by: MADA
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Information and training for home care for older adults with disabilities
One-Day Treatment
The film features three situations of treatment for the elderly that is appropriate for institutions and the community and covers proper feeding, proper moving and communication with family members. Each of the situations can be viewed on its own or as an entire film.
Produced by: Joint-Eshel, Ministry of Health and the Neve Horim Nursing Home
Languages: Hebrew, English, Arabic, Russian

The patient’s hygiene at home
A short video showing a range of treatment measures available to the therapist and patient for bathing, going to the bathroom and dressing.
Produced by: Joint-Eshel | Languages: Hebrew, English, Russian
Interventions for the homebound
A short video reviewing existing methods and aids for a person whose mobility is impaired and who is confined to the home. Focus on medical care, home adjustments, the patient's needs and ensuring safety.
Produced by: Joint Eshel | Languages: Hebrew, English, Russian
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Facing the corona epidemic
 Home activities and recommendations for a healthy lifestyle
Who wants to be healthy?
This is about a sensible diet for the elderly, humorously shown during a popular TV game.
Produced by: Joint-Eshel | Languages: Hebrew, English, Arabic
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Ways to improve memory and cognitive ability
while confined to the home
Photo by: Inbal Halamish
On the tip of the tongue
Daily occurrences of forgetfulness are troubling to all ages, but even more so for the elderly. These often result in embarrassing situations. This video deals with common issues, such as: "Where did I put the keys? Did I turn off the boiler before leaving home? What did I mean to buy?" The video discusses these natural and common phenomena and offers techniques to help overcome them.
Languages: Hebrew, English, Russian
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