COVID-19 | Coronavirus
Information and Current Activities 
During these incredibly difficult times, it is of the utmost importance that the elderly, their caregivers and families are well informed and feel secure in their homes.
Now, more than ever, professionals across the world must unite to assist one another and help the elderly in our communities. With this in mind, Joint-ESHEL has produced the following materials and is pleased to share them with service providers and caregivers globally. 

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 Dementia in time of Coronavirus
Information for Caregivers
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   Guidelines for Family Caregivers
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  5 Tips for Older Adults to Maintain Quality of Life
during the Corona Pandemic 
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  Instructional videos for the elderly, their caregivers and families
  during the coronavirus crisis
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JDC-ESHEL in the News
COVID-19 is confining some of the most vulnerable seniors indoors - at what cost?
CEO of Joint-ESHEL, an expert on matters concerning the elderly population, sets out measures to protect this vulnerable population during and after the pandemic

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Israel’s elders forced to take on coronavirus, loneliness
For many, social distancing from their immediate family could be a matter of life and death. With no end in sight, the distance can also mean increased feelings of loneliness and isolation  
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From Lockdown to Loneliness: Old Age in the Age of Coronavirus
The outbreak of Covid-19 has placed over one million people aged 65 and over at high risk of contracting the novel virus, yet these trying times have also created challenges for the elderly population that are no less dangerous to them  which must be resolved 
JDC’s Eshel partnership focusing on the elderly has already launched its mission to tackle these challenges, head-on
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